is driven by a bunch of passionate engineers ,pursuing to build a pristine relationship between human beings and Mother Earth, through PLANTS, While most of plant lovers would have visited a nursery, how does an online nursery sound like ?

Yes, we are the pioneers in Trivandrum delivering plants at your doorsteps !

Our plants are grown by experts who have decades of experience. So, be it an indoor or an outdoor plant, provides the best option for online purchase of plants. Our meticulous packaging ensures the plants reach you ‘unhurt’ ! The recent dynamics have lead us to bring the best nursery in Trivandrum to an online platform. Sit back, relax and order from a various range of our plants.

Why ? It’s simple. We are not just the best nursery in Trivandrum, we cater to customers only in Trivandrum that accentuates a hassle free experience. For us, it all started as a hobby which later turned out to more than just that. At, we also encourage people the same by helping them set up landscapes, vertical gardens, green walls etc.

As the best nursery in Trivandrum, our mission is to spread greenery immensely across households. We visualise the world to be a more beautiful and eco-friendly space for the coming generations. Like we say, ‘Let’s grow’ more plants and ‘Let’s grow’ as human beings to be more affectionate and caring inhabitants on the planet .

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